75m2 면적의 집을 평으로 환산하면?

75m2 면적의 집을 평으로 환산하면?
75m2 면적의 집을 평으로 환산하면?



75m2 면적의 집을 평으로 환산하면?

75m2 면적의 집을 평으로 환산하면?


Greetings! In this article, we will explore the concept of converting a house with an area of 75m2 into 평 (pyeong), a traditional unit of measurement in Korea. Join me as we uncover the equivalencies and implications of this conversion.

Topic 1: Understanding 75m2

To grasp the concept of 75m2, it is essential to understand that it represents a measure of area. 75m2 implies a space that spans 75 square meters. This measurement considers the two-dimensional aspect of the house, disregarding the vertical dimension. Now, let’s dive deeper into the conversion.

Topic 2: 평 and its Significance

In Korea, 평 (pyeong) is a traditional unit of area, widely used to measure homes and real estate. 1 평 is equal to 3.3 square meters. This unit of measurement holds significant cultural and historical value and is still extensively used today. The conversion from square meters to 평 involves dividing the area by 3.3, giving us the ratio needed for the conversion.

Topic 3: Calculating the Conversion

Now, let’s apply the conversion to our 75m2 house. By dividing the area (75m2) by the conversion ratio (3.3), we get approximately 22.73 평. Therefore, a house with an area of 75m2 can be equivalently expressed as approximately 22.73 평. This conversion helps us comprehend the spatial extent of the house in the context of Korean measurements.

Topic 4: Practical Implications

Understanding the conversion from 75m2 to 평 allows us to visualize the size of the house in a way that aligns with Korean culture. This information can be valuable for various purposes, such as real estate transactions, interior design planning, or general comprehension of residential spaces in Korea. It enables individuals to conceptualize the size and layout more effectively.

Topic 5: Considerations and Variations

While the conversion presented here is widely accepted, it’s important to note that variations exist in the conversion ratios used in different regions of Korea. Additionally, modern homes may be built using standardized measurements that directly provide the area in 평, eliminating the need for conversion calculations. It’s crucial to consider the specific context and determine the appropriate conversion as per the situation.


  • 75m2 represents the area of a house, measured in square meters.
  • 평 (pyeong) is a traditional unit of area in Korea, with 1 평 being equal to 3.3 square meters.
  • Converting 75m2 to 평 yields approximately 22.73 평.
  • Understanding the conversion facilitates better comprehension and visualization of residential spaces in Korean culture.
  • Considerations and variations exist, including regional differences in conversion ratios and direct measurement of area in 평 for some modern homes.


For further information on 평 and its usage in Korea, please refer to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_units_of_measurement.